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Joan Rankin

Joan Rankin was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and attended the Michaelis Art School, Cape Town. She has illustrated over thirty books for children,many of which she has written herself and which have been published internationally.

Joan received the HAUM Daan Retief prize for children's book illustration in 1986 and the Katrina Harris Award for Children's Book Illustration in 1991. She illustrated the bestselling A FROG IN THE BOG by Karma Wilson, and her latest book for McElderry is POPCORN ASTRONAUTS, which is another collaboration with the author Deborah Ruddell.

Other titles by Joan Rankin

Picture Books
The Little Cat and The Greedy Old Woman
Scaredy Cat
You're Somebody Special Walliwigs
What Sam Said

Popcorn Astronauts (written by Deborah Ruddell)

A Frog in the Bog (written by Karma Wilson)

First Day

WOW! it's great being a duck

Today at the Blue Bird Cafe (written by Deborah Ruddell)