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The Mouse Hunter by Alex Milway
Illustrated by Alex Milway

Age range: 10 plus

"Emiline raced across the hallway to the bottom of the grand stairwell. Her silver mousecatcher’s armour clattered noisily – it was way too big for a twelve-year-old girl, and she clutched it firmly to stop it falling around her ankles.

Sitting on the bottom step of the stairs, quietly preening itself in a beam of light, was the fearsome Sharpclaw: the very same exotic and supremely expensive mouse that escaped from the mousery only hours earlier. The power of its gigantic razor-sharp claws had surprised everyone.

Sharpclaws were sneaky and mischievous little devils, but despite being only the size of a hand, absolutely nothing could be left to chance. Emiline’s armour covered everything from her shoulders to the tips of her toes, and a pointed helmet covered her face to the bottom of her nose. The only recognisable feature that remained was Emiline’s blonde hair, which crept out onto her shoulders and curled slightly at the end."

When the body of a dead sailor washes ashore in Old Town bearing an unusual mousebox, a mystery unfolds that threatens to rock the mousing world to its core. Unwittingly caught up at the heart of it is Emiline Orelia, a young mousekeeper who suddenly finds herself in a whole heap of trouble.

Along with her trusty mouse Portly, Emiline overhears that the famous privateer, Devlin Drewshank, is planning to hunt down the pirate, Mousebeard, notorious scourge of the mousing world. Emiline sees it as her chance to escape Old Town and be part of an exciting adventure, but after winning a place on Drewshank’s ship, things take an immediate turn for the worse.

In a magical world where sea monsters, towering giants and mice with dagger-like claws are every-day occurences, Emiline finds herself on an adventure where she’ll come face-to-face with murder, intrigue, and even the fearsome Mousebeard himself.

Rights :
Faber & Faber (Volume)
Laura Cecil (Film & TV)

UK : Faber & Faber