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My Name is not Refugee written and illustrated by Kate Milner

Age range: 3 - 5 years

.A young boy discusses the journey he is about to make with his mother. They will leave their town, she explains, and it will be sad but also a little bit exciting. They will have to say goodbye to friends and loved ones, and that will be difficult. They will have to walk and walk and walk, and although they will see many new and interesting things, it will be difficult at times.

A powerful and moving exploration that draws the young reader into each stage of the journey, inviting the chance to imagine the decisions he or she would make.

“A much-needed, lovely book for small children which explains the refugee crisis in a simple, child-friendly way.
Jacqueline Wilson

“The story is cleverly told...utterly approachable for every nationality, religion and age."

“It's entertaining, informative, and full of imagination too...On top of that, Kate hasn't identified where the child has come from or where they've ended up. So it's a way for refugees of any culture to identify themselves in the book which is absolutely fantastic and is exactly what makes this book very powerful. It's inclusive - just as every book should be. All in all, this is a very powerful, imaginative and relevant book that is a must read for adults and children alike..."
Big Book Little Book

“This helps show that children forced from their homes are not just refugees but children just like them."
Lily Caprani, Unicef UK

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