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Operation Kick Butt
written and illustrated by Niki Daly

Age range: 7 -11

Alastair D'Arcy McDermott - otherwise known as Al - is less than thrilled at his holiday project: helping out at the local old people's home.

How did he end up getting stuck with old Violet Rose and batty Major Maddocks? But then he meets the sinister Mrs Black, and the fun begins - Al's on his greatest mission yet ...

A warm and laugh-out-loud tale of killer curry, cunning plans and karaoke, told by the completely irresistible (and very ingenious) Alistair D'Arcy McDermott.

OPERATION KICK BUTT is the second of two books about Alastair.

“...a fun, laughter-filled story, which also skilfully examines the importance of relationships between young and old.Booktrust

Rights :
Hodder Children's Books
(World English Language)

Laura Cecil (all other rights)