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Bettina Valentino and the Picasso Club
written and illustrated by Niki Daly

Age range: 7 -11

Bettina Valentino likes art that jumps off the wall and hits people in the eye like a wound-up ninja. Too bad she goes to shabby Bayside Preparatory School, where the art teacher is always nagging Bettina to work neatly, clean her brushes, and “think pink.”

Pink shtinks!

But when the school hires a new art teacher, suddenly things start to get in-terest-ing. Mr. Popart walks around barefoot to soak up the energy of the earth, and he is full of inspiring lessons, such as how making a picture can be thought of as ‘taking a line for a walk’ and how art can be used to challenge, shock, and surprise.

With Mr. Popart around, Bettina’s life is more ‘très divine’ than ever . . . until some parents get angry about some of his lessons and try to get him kicked out of Bayside for good.

Flaring noseholes! It’s time for Bettina and her art-loving friends to figure out how to turn this messy situation into a masterpiece.

“Not many middle-grade heroines seem like they’re going to bounce off the pages, but they’re not Bettina Valentino...If the story’s execution wasn’t delightful enough (it is), Daly provides wonderful ink-and-wash drawings, sometimes several to a page, that ups the amusing ante. Not only are the cast’s eccentricities on full display, Daly sometimes draws in the styles of famous artists, so readers get a real feel for their art. Like Bettina this book has a certain je ne sais quoi.” BOOKLIST Starred Review

Rights :
Farrar Straus & Giroux
(World English Language)

Laura Cecil (all other rights)

US: Farrar Straus & Giroux
South Africa : Protea Boekhuis
Korea : Sallim Publishing Co.