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Nicholas Fisk

Nicholas Fisk has been an actor, jazz musician, illustrator, photographer and has worked in advertising. He has written more than fifty books, most of which are Science Fiction for older children.

Nicholas's starting point for a story is an 'if' ...IF we had a domestic robot, IF we could talk to animals, IF we could move back and forth in time. On such premises he places people - recognisable people living ordinary lives - until the IF explodes.

"I believe that almost any imaginable possibility may become a reality within the lifetime of a young person today: the previous century saw more changes and discoveries than any other and change gets faster every day." - Nicholas Fisk

Fisk's terrifying novel GRINNY - out now with Hot Key Books in a combined edition with its sequel, YOU REMEMBER ME - has recently been optioned for TV. Nicholas' Starstormers Series is out now with Hodder Silver Books.

Other titles by
Nicholas Fisk include:

Older fiction:
Monster Maker
Space Hostages

Younger fiction:
Bonkers Clocks
Broops Down the Chimney
Starstormer series
TheTalking Car

"A most entertaining writer, Fisk could be described as the Huxley-Wyndham-Golding of children's literature scaled, but not watered down" TWENTIETH CENTURY CHILDREN'S WRITERS

“It wasn't Asimov, Clarke or any of the other towering figures of the pantheon that got me reading SF - it was Nicholas Fisk.” Ian Berriman, SFX

“(Fisk) was a fantastic stepping stone in sci-fi of the for kids...he should come somewhere between Doctor Who and John Wyndham.” Paul Magrs for the Guardian