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The Deep Amber Trilogy by C J Busby

Age range: 8 to 12

'Simon found it in the middle of the stairs when he came down for breakfast the next morning. He nearly tripped over it, but stopped just in time. He was bleary-eyed from a late night and strange dreams, so he had to blink a few times before he was sure it was real. But there it was - a long shining sword, lying on the stair-carpet. He crouched down and reached out to pick the sword up. It was heavy, and there was something like electricity, or the feeling you get when someone traces a feather down your arm.'

Deep Amber

Two worlds collide when strange objects are discovered in medieval Roland Castle: goggles, a camera and Ninetendo DS, and in the modern day home of siblings Catrin and Simon: a sword. Could Mysterious substance deep amber be at the centre of this rift between worlds? Catrin and Simon, along with apprentice witch Dora and castle mischief-maker Jem, must mend the rift and prevent the deep amber from falling into the wrong hands.

“DEEP AMBER has pace, humour and inventiveness... There's a crackle of magic in the atmosphere and a rapidly thickening plot which promises well for the subsequent volumes. I look forward to them.”
An Awfully Big Blog Adventure

“A rift-hopping romp with real charm, wit and pace."
Francis Hardinge

Dragon Amber

Cat and Simon are determined to get to the kingdom - but when they do, things rapidly start to get very complicated and more than a little dangerous.

Meanwhile the Druid is keeping secrets from Dora and Jem. They find themselves following him to the mysterious Empire of Ur-Akkad, but Mr Smith and Mr Jones are on their way there too, and there are dragons in the palace labyrinth...

The Amber Crown

fJem, Dora, Simon and Cat hunt for the sea amber - the final piece of deep amber - which they must locate before the evil Lord Ravenglass can find it. If it falls into the wrong hands, the owner could forge a powerful crown of amber, use it to rule and destroy the World Tree....

Rights: Laura Cecil (all other rights)

World English : Templar