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Swordspell by C J Busby and Illustrated by David Wyatt

Age range: 7 to 11

'It was nearly nightfall before the others managed to find Max. He had spent hours trying to undo the immobility spell that Snotty had cast on him. He could tell it was Morgana's magic - it felt like cold iron bands were wrapped around him, holding him tight. Every attempt that Max made to unravel or throw the magic off just seemed to pull it tighter around him. In fact, he was pretty sure that the spell would have worn off much quicker if he's just leff it alone.

By the time Ferocious came scampering out into the battlements, Max could just about raise one eyebrow and make a soft whistling noise.

"Ah," said Ferocious, when he'd tracked down the strange noise to the pile of stones in the corner. "Here you are. I'm guessing you ran into our old friend Snotty?"

Swordspell is the fourth book in the Spell Series. Morgana le Fay is up to her evil tricks again, and this time, she's plotting to use a mysterious 'swordspell' against King Arthur. Trouble is, Max and Olivia don't have a clue what the spell is or how to stop it.

When disaster strikes at the Festival of Chivalry, they find themselves in a race against time to save the king and Camelot from Morgana's wicked clutches. Can Max use his magical skill to fight the swordspell and save the day once more?

“This 10/10 read is sure to delight any Arthur/Merlin fans, especially with the unusual cast."
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