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Icespell by C J Busby and Illustrated by David Wyatt

Age range: 7 to 11

'Max was puzzled. He'd felt the magic flow. He'd definitely felt it hit the stone and it should have been a solid lump of ice by now. But something was resisting the spell. It was as if the stone was enchanted, or bigger than it looked, or shielded somehow from his magic. It was some trick of Snotty's, he was sure of it. Well, Snotty was going to get a shock.

Max reached for every last drop of magic he could gather and shaped it into the icespell.'

Icespell is the third book in CJ Busby's Spell Series. Max and Olivia Pendragon are loving life in Camelot. Max is having magic lessons with the great wizard Merlin, and Olivia is finally training for the Squire's Challenge.

But disaster strikes when Camelot is frozen inside a magical mountain of ice and it's all Max's fault. Can he and Olivia rescue Arthur and Merlin from their icy prison in time to stop the evil Lady Morgana before she reaches Camelot and seals their doom.

“Take a dollop of Arthurian legend, add a couple of kids and a dragon called Adolphus and mix it all up in a magical cauldron. What do you get? A spellbinding recipe for a hysterical series.”
The Daily Mirror

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