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Frogspell by C J Busby and Illustrated by David Wyatt

Age range: 7 to 11

'Max watched in horror as three blue balls bounced right into the cauldron and sank into the purple liquid.There was a moment’s pause, and then…BANG!

The contents of the cauldron exploded and dollops of sticky blue gunk flew around the cellar. One landed on Max, one landed on Olivia, and one landed on Ferocious. They barely had time to blink, when the room went all shivery and strange, and seemed to grow rather larger.

Olivia was now a purple frog with red spots. Ferocious was a red frog with purple spots. Max was an extremely angry-looking orange frog with bright blue spots.'

Frogspell follows the adventures of Max, a young squire who is hopeless at sword play and wants to learn magic, though he shows little talent for that either. While trying to make a spell he accidentally turns himself, his sister Olivia, and his sarcastic pet rat Ferocious, into frogs. With the help of Olivia’s dim-witted baby dragon Adolphus, the three manage to change back to their original form and the rest of the story follows their adventures as they encounter Max’s worst enemy and rival junior magician, Snotty Hogsbottom, the terrifying castle cook, Mrs Mudfoot; a killer pike; and the icy witch, Morgana le Fay.

C J Busby’s first book shows a perfect understanding of what kind of story gets children to make the transition from readers to longer chapter books; what grabs their imagination and makes them laugh.

“Great fun. Made me chortle”

“This lively tale is enhanced by pen and ink illustrations and is the kind of story which keeps everyone reading avidly to the last page."

"Busby hits exactly the right notes - she has well-rounded, loveable characters, in particular a super reluctant hero in Max. She has a great sense of humour that will make the kids guffaw and the grown-ups offer a wry smile. And her magic blends seamlessly with the adventure."
The Bookbag, Jill Murphy

Rights : Laura Cecil (all other rights)

World English : Templar
Germany : Bastei Lübbe
Turkey : Artemis Yayinlari

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FROGSPELL illustration © David Wyatt